Imperfect Quadrant

Richard the Crazy Lover

Imperfect Quadrant


Ruby the Sweet Lover

Imperfect Quadrant


BellaUltimate Lesbian Fighter

Imperfect Quadrant


Lizzy the Erratic Druggy

Imperfect Quadrant

Imperfect Quadrant

Imperfect Quadrant:

When four doesn’t make a perfect square

Imperfect Quadrant is an action and crime based short film. Four-mismatched individual organize an armed robbery. They enter the PUB in an Australian outback to rob a well-known drug dealer, the foul play starts when they possessed the cash and their motive change direction.

This crime-caper drama set in Western Australia’s outback and heavy on the transformation of individual characters. A successfully robbing a drug dealer, entering is pun with weapons and breaking into his safe and stealing $$$. This eventually changes each characters: Crazy Richard (Troy Coward) and his lover Ruby (Katherine Langford), Butch Bella (Lisa Athans), and her aficionado, an erratic drug junkie (Dominique Shenton) scuffle to gang up on each other to rob each other.

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