Chloe’s passion for performing started at a young age, her drive has taken her to study, perform and work in the performing arts industry locally, nationally and internationally, including Sydney, London and Los Angeles to name a few.

Chloe has the ability to think outside the box and apply her chameleon like ability to enter and bring to life any character she chooses, by drawing on her rich life experiences.

Her unique natural features come from her eastern European lineage and her charismatic and entrancing personality cement her as a promising up and coming actress.

Her combination of character and intellect make her a one of a kind performer and an asset to any film, television or theatre production.

Chloe has featured in numerous short films, television commercials, TV segments, stage productions, print advertisements and voice-over ads throughout her career.

You can catch Chloe on-air, as an announcer for Perth Radio Station 87.8 Magic Fm.

2015 sees Chloe featuring in two web-series and two feature films.

Growing up Chloe was a competitive athlete competing state level in track and field, swimming and aerobics.Chloe loves the outdoors and enjoys running and water sports.

She is also an award winning dancer and now, qualified dancing teacher/choreographer specializing in all styles of dance.

Chloe has also competed nationally in cheer-leading and internationally in rhythmic gymnastics; she also enjoys martial arts and kick-boxing.

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