Director Pann MuruJaiyan : Movies and animal welfare are his life!

Pann’s passion for filmmaking began from young age. He completed his Degree in Film Production in SAE, Perth with an Outstanding Award for his research on Grindhouse and thereafter a short Grindhouse Film. Pann has already written, produced and directed several short-films and worked in some Australian feature films. [].

He is tremendously passionate about his movies and he continually working to improve / learn and grow as a filmmaker and as a person. He has been an artistic person with a fantastic imagination.

Pann says;
“Creating stories allows me to explore different sides of human nature. Every project develops me into better person. Making films gives me an opportunity to view the world from a diverse perspective…through another individual’s eyes.

The art of making movies can be incredibly powerful. It’s about entertaining the audiences and taking them on a journey through a range of different emotions and an opportunity to see the truth. The ability to create joy and laughter, provoke thought and compassion, to create emotions within audience to become one with the character.”

Pann thoroughly love every aspect of filming. Whether he is writing a script or creating a scene, the challenge of visualizing and then breathing life into scene, always excites him, he particularly enjoy the joint process of writing, directing and everything in between.

Aside from a deep passion for film, Pann is a devoted vegan and animal rights advocate. Consistent with this philosophy, Pann insists that all catering for his shoots are vegetarian/vegan, and that part of the cast and crew’s commitment to his productions is an adherence to meat-free eating.

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