Katherine Langford is a Perth –based actress who started to pursue film earlier this year. Prior to that, Katherine had been heavily involved in theatre; completing her Diploma of Performing Arts, and being classically trained in voice. As well as graduating from Perth Modern School as part of the Music and Arts program. Earlier this year, Katherine was accepted into the classical stream at WAAPA, but declined to focus on her training.

She was later selected to train at NIDA as part of their ‘Advanced Actors Residency’ and was able to work with directors such as Ian Watson (Packed to the Rafters) and Netta Yashchin (Red –Caped Crusader).

Returning to Perth, she was also accepted to train at Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting with Fern Nicholson, and has since appeared in several short films, a commercial, and is currently working on three projects including a feature film and a musical. Katherine hopes to continue learning and refining her skills in screen, and thanks her mentors for their support and guidance.

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